• Acrylic Tub and Wall Surround Installation - Corona, CA

Project Description

This homeowner in Corona, California wanted to upgrade and replace their bathtub and shower combo along with their tile shower wall surrounds. They began to notice that the bottom of their fiberglass tub was wearing out so they called a local bathtub resurfacing service to check it out. The technician pointed out that they were a few years overdue for having their grout lines resealed and that there could be mold in their walls because of this. A simple fiberglass tub resurfacing had quickly turned into much more. The homeowner realized that they would now have to have their tile removed to treat the mold, their tub resurfaced, and their grout lines resealed every six months to prevent any more mold build up.

After thinking about having to have someone resurface the tub every few years, someone else to remove the mold, and someone else to re-seal the grout every six months the homeowner decided to get a full tub and shower replacement that would require far less maintenance. They replaced their fiberglass tub with a new acrylic tub that does not need to be resurfaced like the old one. They took out the tile wall surrounds and removed all of the mold behind them before replacing them with our full grout free acrylic wall surrounds that require no maintenance once installed. These wall surrounds also add a beautiful natural stone look with our glossy granite finish. The homeowner also decided to add in some elegant shower shelves and a few grab bars for added stability and ease of access. This tub and shower replacement only took two full days of work to complete. After that, the homeowner will be able to enjoy their tub and shower for decades to come without having to worry about resurfacing or resealing anything. Set up a free appointment today to design the tub or shower of your dreams at SUNBOSSBATHS.COM or give us a call at (951) 782-2360. Have a great day.

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