• Modern Shower Replacement - Riverside, CA
  • Modern Shower Replacement - Riverside, CA

Project Description

This homeowner in Riverside, California wanted to replace their old bathtub and shower combo with a new modern shower. The homeowner only used the shower and wanted to upgrade its aesthetic and remove the bathtub to add more space. We started out by removing the old tub and the wall surrounds. This gives us a chance to look at the plumbing for the shower while the pipes are exposed. We found a leak in the main drainage pipe that we were able to handle on the spot. Once all of the plumbing was set up for the new shower, we installed the new shower pan and the beautiful antimicrobial wall surrounds.

The benefit with these wall surrounds is that they prevent mold and bacterial growth and they are completely sealed so you do not have to worry about any water getting behind them. They also do not need to be resealed every six months like tile to retain their waterproof quality. Our wall surrounds also go from floor to ceiling which makes for a beautiful design and prevents water from getting into the walls at the meeting point of the shower surround and the wall. The last step is to add in the finishing details such as shower shelves, the shower head, and a shower door. Every aspect of the jobs we do are chosen and designed by the homeowner with the help of one of our design professionals. Contact us today to set up a free design appointment today. You can reach us at SUNBOSSBATHS.COM or by giving us a call at (951) 782-2360.

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