• Full Shower Replacement - Highland, CA
  • Full Shower Replacement - Highland, CA

Project Description

This homeowner in highland, california wanted to upgrade their shower to something that they could look forward to using. Another important factor that the homeowner was looking for was a low maintenance shower. They knew that their fiberglass shower was overdue for a re-surfacing due to the obvious wear on the shower floor. The shower pan had been worn down for a while so the homeowner put down a mat to cover up the wear. On top of this, the homeowner had also been considering upgrading their shower. This homeowner did not like to spend a lot of money on things that they did not use often. However, they made a point to invest in things that they used everyday. For example, they had a quality mattress, good, comfortable shoes, a safe and fuel efficient vehicle, clothes that they enjoyed wearing, and a well furnished kitchen. They decided that it was time to upgrade their shower as well since they use at least once a day.

They contacted Sun Boss Rooms and Baths for a full shower replacement. There are many different reasons why people get a tub or shower replacement. Some people want to convert their tub to a shower or vice versa. Others want to make their tub or shower safer and more accessible. Others are tired of having to reseal their grout and deal with leaky tile and mold and mildew in their walls. This homeowner wanted a shower that they would not have to resurface like they would with a fiberglass or ceramic shower. They also wanted a shower that looked great and they enjoyed using. This homeowner ended up with a beautiful acrylic shower pan with glossy acrylic wall surrounds. The inspiration behind the photorealistic stone finish came from the homeowners love for hiking in places such as the Sierra Nevadas and their passion for camping and swimming on the shores of high alpine lakes surrounded by natural rock and stone from the depths of the mountain. Set up a free appointment today with our design specialists to design the bathtub or shower of your dreams, regardless of your motivation. We are here for you. Reach us at SUNBOSSBATHS.COM or give us a call at (951) 782-2360.

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