• Tub to Shower Conversion - Riverside, CA
  • Tub to Shower Conversion - Riverside, CA

Project Description

This homeowner in Riverside, California was not using their bathtub so they decided to get a tub to shower conversion and replace their bathtub with a beautiful walk in shower. We started this job by taking out the wall surrounds and the bathtub. Next, we checked to make sure that all of the plumbing is in good condition and we set it up for the shower. Once all of the plumbing is set up, we put in the brand new acrylic antimicrobial wall surrounds and the acrylic shower pan. Another benefit of converting a tub to a shower is the extra space that is created from removing the bathtub.

For the homeowner that equals a bigger shower than before. The last step is to put in the details such as the shower head and a few matching shower shelves. The photorealistic granite finish of the shower walls ended up matching with the homeowners granite sink top. The homeowner was impressed and greatly satisfied with the end product and the whole process of design, demolition, and installation. The entire demolition and installation is taken care of by one of our highly trained and qualified professionals. This job ended up taking three days from start to finish. Most of our jobs of this calibur end up taking two to three days. Contact us to set up a free design appointment today at SUNBOSSBATHS.COM under the appointments tab or give us a call at (951) 782-2360 and let us help you bring the bathroom of your dreams to life.

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